Welcome To Hope & Chance!

Being disabled is not a medical problem. It's a problem of unequal opportunities.

The development  creativity of disabled children with HOPE & CHANCE: dances in wheelchairs, work in creative studios and in theatres will change attitudes towards disability in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus where disabled people are often considered to be a separate social group . This will have an impact on the success of the rehabilitation work and the development of society as a whole.

Concerts, exhibitions, contests and festivals, and their press coverage will result in spreading positive emotions, sympathy and admiration for skills and the will to live of disabled people in the public eye.

The children you see below are very special, as are all the children we are helping in orphanages in  Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Many of the children have debilitating injuries and illnesses, despite this they have Hope, so give them a Chance!

We need your help, we cannot help them without out you! Please contact us and donate whatever you can afford.


Collage of children